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So basically the gun was giving you warnings of something being wrong, yet you went on and shot it anyways when you knew - you know it - you should have sent it back to the factory ASAP.
One call to Wilson Combat could have given us a thread about "Hey, Wilson's service was great!"
Instead we get, "Hey, my dealer said I should drive my car around with no oil in it before I brought it in for service and now the engine seized... stupid Ford cars!"

Dude, you made the mistake. And don't blame Wilson or the design. I've seen SIGs and other high end guns show signs of odd wear or pins working lose. You address the problem before it fails, not wait for a failure and then cry about it. Not smart.

I like the ADP. I think it is a brilliant design. I think the Stealth was a great pistol that had rough edges and bad marketing. Wilson cleaned it up a lot and it does what it does just peachy. You just ignored the warning lights.
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