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I bought 3 of the No. 5's when they were last available as surplus, and I think they are the best-handling military rifle ever made. However, all of mine show lots of usage and wear (they came from Malaysia), once in a while you can find one in much better condition than mine. I have a scope mounted on one (with the expensive-but-good CAD mount that doesn't require drilling) and that one will average around 2" off the bench with decent handloads, and only slightly larger with factory loads. None of my three have any wandering zero problem. Recoil is noticable, but a good slip-on pad not only helps the recoil but also adds some needed length of pull. The .303 cartridge is well proven to be more than adequate for any game in the lower 48 at reasonable ranges. If you can find some of the now-discontinued Hornady Light Magnum loads it's equal to a .308. I can't see any reason why you should settle for something "almost as good" when it sounds like the original No. 5 is just what you're looking for. Modern rifles are clearly "better" but the intangibles of the old warhorses are priceless.
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