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So far so good. I don't vouch for the accuracy of this list but this is what I counted so far, though some of the entries are difficult to find on the internet. Who has links? We can only count the .308 series and WSSM calibers if you can name a manufacturer. Sorry.

.20 Practical - Weaver Rifles
22LR - Spikes Tactical
5.45x39 - Smith and Wesson
.223 - Remington- DPMS (one maker added by me as common knowledge- there are probably 50 other makers)
5.56mm NATO - Colt
6.5mm Grendel - Alexander Arms
6.8 Remington SPC - Model 1 (Is this the maker or seller?)
7mm TCU - SSK Industries
.300 Whisper - SSK Industries
.338 Lapua - Bohica Arms
.40 S&W - Olympic Arms
10mm - Olympic Arms
.45 ACP - Olympic Arms
.450 "Thumper" (Is that a proper name?') - Bushmaster
.458 Socom (Made by who? Socom?)
.499 LWR - LWRC
.50 Beowulf - Alexander Arms
.50 BMG - Bohica Arms
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