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Originally Posted by yodarkritch
Everybody has Mosin Nagant 91/30's but after The Russo Finnish conflict the Finns recovered thousands of Mosin Nagant 91 Rifles which they reconfigured for use by their forces in 1936

They are called 91/36s and the stock and front end is altered and many stock pieces are fashioned with special zig zag joints and then...

The Finns have used the Mosin ever since there was an independent Finland; since the country was a former province of Tsarist Russia and contained more than one armory, there were plenty on hand to begin with.

There is no Finnish Mosin designated the "91/36".

But, yes, the supply of good Finnish Mosins is drying up. Rifles from countries with a tradition of riflery, like Switzerland or Finland, tend to be much better kept up than the stuff that comes in from former East Bloc countries or Southwestern Asia, and the Finnish Mosins, especially the M28/30 and M39, are very finely crafted weapons.
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