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What To Buy

Everybody has Mosin Nagant 91/30's but after The Russo Finnish conflict the Finns recovered thousands of Mosin Nagant 91 Rifles which they reconfigured for use by their forces in 1936

They are called 91/36s and the stock and front end is altered and many stock pieces are fashioned with special zig zag joints and then they are finished with a brown stain. Some say it's potassium permanganate. i dunno

BUT the 91/36 is much more attractive than the 91/30 and I snagged one from Burns Wholesale as an ANTIQUE. Pat took my C & R but a driver's license is all you need to get one of these from the site listed below. It is regarded as ANTIQUE because it is built on a 1891 receiver.

Mine arrived properly packed and virtually flawless condition. It was AS DESCRIBED

They aint cheap but no Finn Mosin Nagants are


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