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shooters for obama?

posting this because i'm just wondering how many are out there who are shooting enthusiasts, and yet, also, obama supporters or at least unbiased enough souls to accept a man based on his performance and views as opposed to maybe the color of his skin, or what they "heard" was "true" without following up?
i was disappointed this morning when i logged onto the nra site and read some false, propaganda-like stuff about obama that was 100% untrue and started thinking "i wonder if anyone is buying this crap"...?".
while it's well documented that obama "doesn't want to see ak-47's in gangbangers hands...", there isn't very much solid info that supports the view that somehow obama's campaign or ideals are at odds with our 2nd amendment rights... moreover, there is no evidence that he or mccain's stances are even any different.
so... i'm wondering, and hoping, many haven't bought this b.s., and are clearly looking at things pragmatically, and not letting any biased here-say cloud their judgement on there decision and ultimately on their vote.
i'm a card carrying member of the nra, and shoot around 1000 rounds a week, and i'm a proud obama supporter this election since i don't want my kids to inherit the garbage it looks like they're going to have to if things keep going the way they have been...
this election, as a man in my mid-thirties, is perhaps more important than any i can remember and maybe in my lifetime and can't stand seeing folks blindly grasp to talking points, or issues without knowing the facts.
vote how you want, that's why i love america, however, as a preview of things to come, if you think mccain's choice for vp was, and is, a solid "presidential" decision... then maybe now, maybe more than ever, i'm glad i have been given the right to bear arms.
please share your thoughts, all are welcome.
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