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"So the M1's adversaries hasnt changed much, except in brand name and the use of more plastics, nor has a ememy combatant holding them.
So yes if you had to protect yourself with one, it would do just as good of a job as when it was THE issue rifle..the rest is up to you."

I dont think its adequate for today as i think about it. back then the sub machine guns were mixed in with the bolt action rifles. i dont know if theres any ratio out there to say now many there were per k98s, but i would figure they werent nearly as common. Today a 30rd mag with semi/full auto is standard, and every soldier has one.

Dont get me wrong I love the M1 and living everyday to acquire one. I always say it will be my SHTF rifle, and It will be if the SHTF. But ill be sure not to get too close to anybody.
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