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Ok, Checked what to do and nothing is against the law because of an inheritance clause somewhere in the fine print and these were before registration requirements so I just have to file them with proper paperwork and all is good. They can also be sold(Their not going to be) with just a standard sales transfer sheet(Long guns only and pistold need a pistol permit) unless theirs no numbers in which they will have to be stamped with a NJ firearm serial number and I already found a place to do it. Thanks everyone and it worked out great so the heirlooms will stay in the family hopefully for many generations to come. And just an fyi, None of the guns have been defaced or anything altered in any way from the way they were as new and theirs no full auto's involved and I wouldnt even think about keeping them if their were. I love my freedom and want to keep it that way. Dont need to bunk with Bubba anytime soon so im doing it all legal with an firearms expert attorney. Thanks everyone for the help.
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