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Advantage of the grand over the '98s???

Let me count the ways, Faster shooting, faster loading, better sights, more accurate, better ammo.

A semi would be faster to shoot then a bolt gun, talk to HP shooters who have used both in RF matches. Loading an 8 Rd clip in a grand is much faster then the 5 rd stripper clips in a bolt gun. The sights on the Garand (and M14) are the best I've seen on a standard military rifle. The Garand is more accurate then the Mauser in the standard military configeration. The 06 is a far better cart. then the 8mm Mauser. If you notice you just dont see the 8mm competing in rifle matches. The 06 is still doing it.

If you are gonna build a rifle, you can build a dern good rifle on the Mauser action, but looks like the topic is a military battle rifle compairson. I just dont want to give the impression the mauser action isnt any good, to the contrary, they make damn good, accurate rifles.
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