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Obviously the Garand was the superior weapon of the two but the Garand wasn't as good as folks want to make them. The biggest down fall was the clip and mag. If you had been in any kind of exchange of fire, how much ammo do you have left? So now you are going to jump up and rush a position with a rifle that you don't have a clue how much ammo is in it? And it isn't the easiest to pull out the ammo that's in the rifle and replace it with a full clip especially while somebody is shooting at you. That's why the M-14 has a clip that you can take out and either put in a full one or reload. The M-14 capacity was also increased. There was also shooter fatigue with the larger 3006. While a better rifle than a bolt action, it certainly wasn't the best rifle ever made. And our troops today are finding out that the variant of the Garand, the M- 14, is one of the finest rifles in our arsenal. But it still boils down to application, application, application.
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