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Deerhunter - Each state has different laws. Virginia laws are a lot like Texas. Resident to resident doesn't require any paperwork. Seems there are always some anti-gunners in my state trying to close "loopholes" (a misnomer) that allow personal sale of guns at gun shows and resident to resident sales without a paper trail. We defeat them every time (I'm a member of the VCDL and I go to Richmond to lobby against stupid gun laws any time I can). I'm not sure what the laws are in NJ, which is why I suggested he should get legal advice from his state (perhaps anonymously). I'm thinking the same way as you though. There "should" be no problem just acquiring his family heirlooms. They haven't been a problem for anyone in his state since they arrived after WWII. They shouldn't be a problem now either.

I'm also not trying to take over this thread either, but my problem is that my father is a Florida resident (I used to be) and I'm a Virginia Resident. My father has quite a few guns, mostly rifles, but several handguns as well. God forbid something happens to my father, I hope I never have to acquire his guns but eventually I know I will. Some of them are C&R so I'll have no problem with them, but the others will have to go through an FFL transfer process in order for me to get them into my state legally. What a hastle.
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