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How much of an advantage was the garand ?.

I must start this thread by saying that I have no military experience ( and due to my govt's laws I would refuse to serve anyway ) but I have been wondering about how much of a difference the M1 made over say the Kar98k.

The reason I ask is that from shows I have seen by " experts " the germans viewed the rifleman as being there to support the machine gun with the MG as the main tactical element as opposed to most allied armies seeing the MG as being in support of the rifleman ( squad ).

Obviously in close confines the M1 ( I WILL try one before I die ) will have significant advantages over any bolt gun but in the general flow of battle with an MG42 laying down 1200+ rpm would the bolt action really have been at such a disadvantage in open battle ?. Just curious to know what you guy's think.
" An interesting little toy but of no real value in warfare " - British general after being shown the new maxim gun.
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