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I've met very few that would prefer a 1982 Cadillac Cimarron to a 2008 CTS. But nearly every poster in this thread would prefer a 1982 S&W to a 2008.
You can count me among the deviants rating Bangor Punta guns well below the current production. Then again, I estimate S&W as a third-rate gunmaker at its best, circa late Thirties, in comparison to the Colts and Mausers of the day. At this point, their products are first-rate in comparison to their competitors, and fourth-rate in comparison to their predecessors.
The notion that a large number of Joe Blows are ignoring the online fora and buying it, or something similar, is guesswork for both of us at this point - unless you have sales figures you're saving for later.
S&W made 185078 revolvers in 2006. This website allegedly reaches over 281K U.S. monthly people. If it were a bellwether of customer dissatisfaction with S&W, I would have expected the accursed lock to have vanished by now. My take on our role is different. As Tuco told the corpse of his would-be assassin, "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk." There's them that talk, there's them that shoot, and never the twain shall meet.

Online fora favor tire kickers. I have enjoyed countless hours discussing guns with like-minded online personae. But I never expect online debaters to be representative of paying customers. Taking S&W's design and manufacture standards as a measure of its esteem for our cavils, neither do they.
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