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We are presently using the Glock 34 and 35; not production guns though... they are 'standard' division... and that's okay cuz they work well, are very reliable and have no safety to fiddle with. Also have two Para P1640's that we like a lot. Mostly I use them although I expect my 15 year old son to start using the other one as soon as he sees it. We are going to load 'light' 40's for it.... heavy enough to cycle it well though. Now am looking at the XDm's for production. Torn between 9mm and 40S&W. Whichever way we go it is going to be two of those as well. One of each of us. Time to start clearing the safe out and am going to start that next month when I am finished the course I am on and have some more spare time. Am also going to thin out the rifle herd... we have too many and seem to be moving up gradually to what we really want. So we are going to thin out the bottom end (We have a ton of .22's) and figure out what to do with all of the coach guns, lever actions, etc that we had intended to use for cowboy shooting, etc. And the trap guns. And the mini 14. I'd like to be able to figure out exactly what it is that we want and are going to use.... and having said that, was at a friend's the other day and he actually turned his cold cellar into a gun vault with a steel door.

So, our next investment, for the record, is going to be a couple of Springfield XDM's, probably in 40. They may not be the best but they are reasonable and they're on the list. If I win the lottery I am going for Tanfoglios I think.
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