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Walther P-38 and others inherited. What to do?

I have inhereted a bunch of older guns(Long guns and pistols) brought back from WWI and WWII from my deceased G-Pa and some were from my Great G-Pa and wondering what has to be done to make them legal to own. They were left in a will but were just picked up from his house and transfered back and put in a vault for safe keeping. They havnt crossed any state lines or owned by anyone buy himself or his father since the wars. Their are a couple that I know are rare and worth quite a bit and just want to make sure they legaly stay in the family and theres no hassle transporting the ones that may be used to and from the range. I live in N.J. and the gun laws here can be tough sometimes and I wouldnt want to forfit any of these to local authoritys to be destroyed because im sure thats what could happen. Thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.
PS- We also have current NJ FID cards for purchasing long guns or transfers of them.
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