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I agree with Mykeal ... and know for a fact that a chain fire can occur from either end of a cylinder. And I'd try to explain it to the disbelievers but it would do no good. You gotta waite and expiriance it yourself(y'all must be from Missouri)

For shootin' conicals dry with Zig Zags yeah like it was done sorta, but not as accurate as a Round ball with a Lube Pill behind sittin' atop fffg Black Powder? No it ain't, I been there and done it.

Crisco...use it if you want it works, hope you don't live in the Desert. May as well lube just the first chamber, cause after you fire the first shot the Crisco is gone, did 30 yrs. ago before I learned of Beeswax and Parafin, tallow or Olive/Soy Oil.

Wooly wads you use um I hate um...prefer to shoot naked than use wool wads lube or not. Lube Pills or Grease Cookies as called in the old days work best...shoot all day no binding , soft fouling , improved accuracy...the whole Ball a Wax so to speak.

You can call these facts my opinion, but all ya gotta do is try what I typed.
Just remember a smokin' gun will give the facts...HeeHee!

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