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The choice of a sight set depends more on what you intend the gun for than anything else.

If target shooting is the main, or exclusive, use for the gun then a tang mounted peep sight with a good bead or ghost ring front is the better choice. Pick the rear sight first and determine the height of the midpoint of the sightline range above the barrel, then choose a front sight that compliments that measurement. Brownell's web site has a description of the geometry.

If the gun is to be used for hunting one needs to give primary consideration to the ability to pick up the target quickly and maintain the sight picture. That pretty much eliminates the peep/ghost ring combination. A buckhorn/blade is a good choice but many have had difficulty finding the right picture for them with the wide open buckhorn rear. Likewise, a rear sight with too narrow an aperture will make target acquisition difficult. I favor a good thick blade on the front with a semi-buckhorn rear for this application.

Finally, I've assumed that the gun will not be used for reenactments as it is not a custom replica. However, if that is the intended use, take care to research what period sights looked like; Hawg's suggested leaf is a great sight that would fill the bill nicely, I think.
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