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Any Mauser 1908 owners around?

I just added a Brazilian contract DWM 1908 to my Mauser collection today. It is a beautiful, matching rifle and in excellent 90%+ shape. I was surprised to see that the two front barrel bands are not blued (nor do they appear to have ever been blued) like they are in most of my other export mausers (i.e. 1909, etc). Also, unlike similar DWM rifles, I noticed that the cleaning rod is not numbered but has the matching "beta" proof mark. The rifle is non-import stamped and appears overall un-tampered.

Wondering if the bands are original in finish, I searched for pics online and in my books but came up pretty empty-handed. Most parts in the pics look to have been reblued or are stainless with a fair amount of patina; thus, looking blue.

Just interested to see if anyone has any ideas about this. Let me know if you want pics of my new gun.
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