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Just completed two T.C. Hawken model kits this Summer. Are you saying that your rear sight cannot be adjusted. Are these the original sight set that came with your kit? Note that you have a lot of options and you just have to go out and look for these. Have to admit that I have not shot a Maxi ball out of a Hawken, for a long time but do shoot these out of my Black Diamond. I pretty much just shoot PRB out of my Traditionals.
  • You will not believe how good a peep sight works. T.C. has a tang mount sight in their current catalog. Check your tang to make sure it is drilled and tapped to accept the peep sight. If not, you will have to drill and tap for one. Not a big problem. I have one that I switch from one of my Hawkens to a Luman Deerstalker.
  • Lyman makes a fancier tang mount peep sight as well as fiber optic sight set. Lyman also makes a front sight that has insert options. I have one on my Pennsylvania Hunter; 1:66 and what a shooter.
  • Williams also makes a top barrel mount standard sight that sits lower.

Good luck and success and let us know how you make out.

Be Safe !!!
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