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As we headed side-by-side down a dusty logging road on our motorcycles, me and Mrs. Grymster each leaned out a bit to avoid a rattler curled up right in the middle of the road. We stopped a couple hundred feet away and she said “was that a rattlesnake? let’s go look at it!”. We headed back on foot and checked it out. Then, the ever-lovely missus said she’d never heard the sound of the rattle before. I looked around and the only stick I could find was about 18” long. I think I said “ahh craaaap” and went about riling him up.

It got my adrenaline going to say the least, but rattlers are not particularly fast and I considered myself in no real danger. I considered myself in far more danger when on a more recent occasion I nearly grabbed one while gathering firewood. It’s one thing to be aware of a rattler’s presence out in an open area and quite another to stumble onto one in a jumble of logs and branches.

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