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Growing trigger pull weight

Last week I was given a Caspian frame (factory drilled and tapped for their mount) and a slide (no markings whatever) by a friend for whom I did some milling work.
I had enough parts to complete the gun. Everything was O.K. until I got to the Trigger!
(Kart bbl, S&A nag well, Videki trigger, matted & bordered slide and frame, new match bushing - in other words "full House."
I started out with my normal trigger job on my Ron Power trigger jig and a new combat hammer and got a 3# pull - very good). However, after testing the trigger pull after some dry firing it increased to 7#! Why?
I've never had this happen! Several times it did this and I worked on this pistol for several days till I finally installed a behlert hammer and an old style Colt sear of proper length (dressed, of course) and now have a 5# pull that has remained uniform.
Has anyone ever experienced a trigger pull that would increase like this - I can only think that the hole spacing was off?
Harry B.
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