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In our area we have an Annual Rattlesnake Roundup thats held a little north of the Red River in a little town called Waurika, OK. I've only missed a few of these things since I was a small boy, but when I got old enough we have hunted a few times. Usually there are more than 1500-5000 rattlers held in pens at one time there that have been trapped. They also have a contest to see who can bag baby rattlesnakes the fastest, they dump 5 baby rattlers out on the bed of a trailer, and you have to rebag them. a lot of fun, but very dangerous. They have EMTs at standby constantly at these events.

But when we are hunting rattlers its a very exhilarating feeling when you come upon a den full of snakes, but the smell is god awful...:barf:

And BTW, fried rattlesnake isnt that bad, but not as meaty as I would like it to be.
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