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A question from Civil War Society (a yahoo group)

A question was raised as to the bayonet as a combat instrument during the Civil War. I've read numerous accounts, but never paid any attention to them as it was not my area of research. In Isaac Best's "History of the 121st New York State Infantry" he writes about Upton's May 10 attack on the Mule Shoe:
"Lieut. Jas. W. Johnston, on mounting the parapet, had a bayonet thrust through one of his thighs when raising his sword to strike down the Confederate who had thrust the bayonet through hin. The Rebel begged for mercy, was spared, and sent to the rear a prisoner."

In another entry we find:
"One of our officers in front of us jumped on the top log and shouted, 'Come on, men,' and pitched forward and disappeared, shot. I followed an instant after and the men swarmed upon, and over the works on each side of me. As I got on top of some Rebs jumped up from their side and began to run back. Some were lunging at our men with their bayonets and a few had their guns clubbed. Jim Johnston, Oaks and Hassett, were wounded by bayonets..."
p 130. Bayonets were apparently useful for things other than killing dogs or carrying hams.
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