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That's a tough question.

Here goes.

Custom turbo, Rem 40x or Suhl 150 action(Suhl already has a 2oz factory trigger) turbo or 40X will need a Jewell trigger

I personally don't think the action is near as important as the barrel. But those actions seem to be good ones. The turbo or the 40x will be the thicker, beefier actions.

Benchmark 2 groove 16.5" twist barrel, Broughton 5C 16" twist barrel or Shilen 4 groove ratchet rifled barrel Any of these barrels should be a great choice.

McMillan Edge stock pillared and bedded by somone who knows what they are doing.

Hoehn tuner with additional weights on the end of the barrel.

Best Smiths - I would go with either Roger Brock or Gene Davis. Gene Davis smithed the rifle that won the 2008 ARA Nationals. Roger Brock smithed the gun that got a very close 2nd.

Here's a list of equipment that was used at the 2008 ARA Nationals. That list has the shooters numbered in the order they finished.

If you will note, 5 out of the top 10 finishes were shooting the new Shilen 4 groove ratchet barrels. They are said to be a killer barrel. But the Benchmark and Broughton took the top 2 spots.

Here are the scores if interested. I have personally shot against Joe Besche twice now, and can tell you that man can shoot with the best of them day in and day out.

The top shooters and guns in the world were at that match. Some of these guys have guns that cost in the $3000 to maybe even $5000 range. It all depends on who smithed the gun and how much the owner wants to put in the rifle. Some of these guns have well at $1000 just in the stock alone counting the paint job. These guns are extremely accurate. They are very capable of consistantly hitting a dot about the size of this * at 50yds just to give you a better idea.

Most of the one piece rest will cost between $700 to about $1000. Then you have to figure your scope. Most have Weaver T36 scopes with Leupold 36's being the next most popular. The ammo is what really costs. Eley black or red box is about anywhere from $11 to $16 a box. The most expensive Lapua ammo will run you right at $22 a box. These guys buy it buy the case(s) to stock up, and to save a little money from the dealers on the single box prices I listed.

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