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OK guys, thanks for the input. It seems that I will have to do some work on the exisiting forend and then refinish it, if I cannot install a new one without also cutting it.

In answer to the question about barrel removal, it is not illegal to remove the barrel from a fully functioning 870, but once it has been deactivated, it is impossible to remove the barrel or magazine tube without removing the steel pin and welds. To do this is an imprisonable offence here in the UK. This method of deactivation ensures that the gun still has a working action, but prevents the chambering or loading of shells, and also prevents replacement of the barrel and magazine tube, so that it cannot be re-activated. Other measures are also taken as follows: The barrel has a groove cut logitudinally on the underside where it cannot be seen, the first 6'' of the barrel is plugged with a hard carbon steel rod, and the breech bolt is ground away at a 45 degree angle. Last of all, the firing pin is ground down.

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