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I want to say something about that 39A. It has a fine Williams receiver sight on it and it is super reliable.

My little 110 pound daughter took a shine to it a few years ago in her early teens and she chose it to compete with in a match we played at that time.

It was called Rapid Fire Rimfire and it consisted of speed shooting strings of animal silhouettes at 25 yards against a stop watch. Of course, the goal was to achive the lowest aggregate time. Semi-autos, pumps, lever actions, and bolt guns all shot against each other and we had worked out a marvelously accurate handicapping procedure for putting the slower actions on a par with the faster actions and we used a similar procedure to equalize scoped and iron sighted rifles.

She cleaned many a seasoned shooters clock with that Marlin 39A. I think some were glad when she went off to college.

Tack driving bench guns? No.

Great handling hunting and plinking rifles? Yes.

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