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Well "one heck of a shooter" had a hard time today.

I got so into the management of the match I couldn't seem to calm down when it came my turn to shoot. I can usually tune it all out. But, not today. Anyway, I wanted to post our results to once again point out the potential of the CZs and two more last place finishes for a Marlin 39.

That Sporter Class score of Barry's (two week old CZ American) set a new club high and it would have won this year's USBR National Match in West Virginia (August). The high Sporter score at the National this year was a 227 (but, conditions are a huge factor and I don't know what they faced up there at 1000 feet this year).

Gene, bravely shot his Marlin 39 in two classes today. And, please note that he broke 200 for the first time today with a new Savage Mk II - he must have the basics down.

Here is the match report that I posted on the club website today:

For the second month in a row, we were greeted by rain at match time. Once again, it receded quickly and we got down to business.

Wind = 7.4 max and 2.2 avg
Temp = 70.6
Humidity = 73.3%

Place, score, shooter, rifle, scope, ammunition *(we used 10 counts as tie breakers today)

Unlimited Class
1st 240-4X, Tony Gilmore, Suhl 150, Tasco World Class 6-24X44, Eley Biathlon EPS
2nd 224-4X, Morgan Keenum, Kimber 82G, Weaver T-36 36X42, SK Std Plus
3rd 222-1X, Barry Holmes, Winchester 52D, Weaver T-36 36X42, RWS R-50
4th 221-3X, Jack Keenum, Kimber 82G, Weaver T-36 36X42, SK Std Plus
5th 209-1X, Willie Rhodes, Anschutz Mk 10, Weaver T-36 36X42, Eley Biathlon

Custom Class
1st 236-3X, Barry Holmes, Anschutz 64 MPR, Weaver T-36 36X42, Lapua Master M
2nd 234-2X, Danny Creasy, Ruger VBZ, Weaver T-36 36X42, SK Subsonic HP
3rd 201-0X, Gene Nobinger, Savage MK II BRSV, Tasco Mag IV 6-24, CCI Green Tag (3-10s)*
4th 201-0X, Peary Willard, Savage FV MK II, Barska Varmint 6.5-20X50, Aguila SV (2-10s)
5th 195-0X, Bart Harkins, Anschutz MPR 64, Weaver T-36, Eley Tennex

Sporter Class
1st 234-4X, Barry Holmes, CZ 452 American, Weaver Grand Slam 6-20X40, Lapua Midas M
2nd 227-2X, David King, CZ 452 Ultralux, Tasco 6-24, SK Std Plus
3rd 225-2X, Tony Gilmore,Savage Mk II BV, Tasco, Eley Match EPS
4th 218-1X, Willie Rhodes, CZ American, BSA Air Rifle 4-12, SK Match
5th 217-1X, Ricky King, CZ 452 Super, Bushnell Dusk to Dawn 6-18X50, SK Std Plus
6th 214-2X, Peary Willard, Savage FV MK II, Barska 6.5-20X50, Fed Champion 714 (5-10s)
7th 214-2X, Tim Blacklidge, CZ American V-16 4-16X42, Lapua Master M (2-10s)
8th 209-2X, Danny Creasy, Kimber Hunter, Weaver T-36 36X42, SK Subsonic HP
9th 209-0X, Anedra Gilmore, Savage Mk II BV, Tasco, Eley Match EPS
10th 192-1X, Randy King, Savage Mk II, Tasco 6-24, Wolf Match Target
11th 185-1X, David Hollimon, CZ 452 American, Bushnell 3.5-10, Winchester T-22
12th 109-1X, Gene Nobinger, Marlin 39, Simmons 3-9X32, CCI Std Velocity

Semi-Auto Class
1st 190-0X, David Hollimon, TC R-55, Weaver K6 6-32, Fed Auto Match
2nd 185-0X, Willie Rhodes, Ruger 10/22T, Simmons 4-12, SK Std Plus

Magnum Class
1st 189-0X, Paul Enlow, Marlin 25MN, Bushnell Sportview 4-12X40, CCI MaxiMag HP

Cheap Ammo Class
1st 240-6X, Tony Gilmore, Suhl 150 Tasco World Class 6-24X44, Eley Sport
2nd 206-0X, Tim Blacklidge, CZ Varmint, BSA 6-24X44, Federal 510
3rd 202-0X, Barry Holmes, CZ 452 Varmint, Weaver Grand Slam 6-20X40, Federal 714
4th 198-0X, Danny Creasy, CZ 452 FS, BSA 36X44, Eley Sport
5th 184-0X, Anedra Gilmore, Savage Mk II BV, Weaver V-24, Federal 510
6th 126-0X, Gene Nobinger, Marlin 39, Simmons 3-9X32, Federal Bulk

Tony shot a club high for Cheap Ammo Class and Barry used his new CZ 452 American to return the favor in Sporter Class.
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