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Your da man!


I'll send you a pm including my phone # if you like. I would love to chat with you. Hell I would love to shoot with you for that matter.

Factory 22 rimfires when talking about for the money and best buy, it's hard to top a CZ. That's why they have become so popular. The guys that own them have usually more than one as to be expected from guns that do what they do for the price.

Danny, who is one heck of a shooter mind you, and the group of guys that shoot in his area and the other shooters he shoots with in matches have done well with CZ rifles. The scores prove it from the match results. So again, CZ rifles do in fact shoot very well.

As for the better shooting rimfires that either were made or still are currently being made, but do in fact cost more money, it's hard to top these choices: Suhl 150, Anschutz 54, Rem 40X, or the Winchester 52 model rifles. These guns have proven themself in history at rimfire matches across the nation with their factory barrels. I'm kind of partial to the Suhl's, but would love to have a 40X or even a Anschutz. All of these guns I mentioned were in an elite class of rimfires when it come to the best possible factory barrels ever put on rimfire guns period. I know how accurate my factory Suhl barrel was. It would shoot groups you would have to see personally to believe.
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