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Having spent time with both rifles in question, I would rather have the Marlin, no contest. That said, the CZ shoots tight little groups. In fact, in a recent magazine rimfire comparison, the CZ came in second place behind Anchutz for accuracy. And yes, it beat Savage.

If all you care about is accuracy, the CZ is a best buy. As far as it being junk as someone said, I disagree. Is it comparable in quality to the Marlin? Of course not. If it was, it would cost much more. The one thing you might want to watch though is that the bolt rusts easier than any I've ever seen. I live in the northwest and the CZ that I've used had to have some serious polishing done. It's owner neglected to clean and oil it after handling it in his house. At any rate, this rifle has several thousand rounds through it and still shoots sub half inch groups at 50 yards.

In comparison, my father has a Marlin 39a that he bought in the 60's. He hasn't given it any special treatment and it still looks new. In fact, it was stored under the bed for over 20 years with no case and has never had any visible rust. It will print 1 inch groups if I do my part with the right ammo.
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