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Most importantly, I'd like to know when my mod 36 was made and if I can shoot +P loads in it.

BCA 2***

Also my 686

DBR 3***
BCA2XXX = late 1988 / early 89
DBR3XXX = after 2003 (as late as my books go)
Model 36's were not rated by S&W for +P until 36-9 in 1996 but because they are all steel the earlier ones can be safely fired with them. That said, a regular diet of +P could shorten it's servicable life...
Just out of curiosity, within that date range, how are the values running? It's, of course, worth more for sentimental reasons...just wondering....
~$300 - $350. It really depends on whether someone is looking for a 3".

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