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Hooker at Chancellorsville

It is generally accepted as fact that the Union army general in charge of the Army of the Potomac, Maj. Gen. Joe Hooker, was leaning against a post when it was struck by a cannonball. Hooker suffered a concussion and was dazed for hours. He refused to relinquish command and the Union army was paralyzed while Lee's smaller army was administering heavy blows. Well, one Union bugler disputes that assertion and here's what he said about Joe Hooker:
As to the second excuse, the writer after the war became well acquainted with the bulger at Army Headquarters, and he ridiculed the idea that the solid shot had anything to dow ith Hooker's condition at any time. He said that the brandy bottle was the real reason for the fiasco. And, certainly the simple fact that a brandy bottle was frequently resorted to, is a more reasonable explanation of successive developments of the conduct and decisions of the commmander of the army than any other can be. From energetic activity, through the different grades of intoxication to final incapacity, is the age old and certain effect of too frequent resorts to the bottle. But those were the days of ignorance of the real character of alcoholic drinks. They were accounted good and necessary by the great majority of people, and were used freely as medicine, as a harmless stimulant under trying circumstances, as an innocent social indulgence and as a creator of "Dutch courage" in time of battle. It was not until the close of the war that a reazlization of the harmful effect of the use of intoxciants began to be felt.
This assertion has to be researched and can be refuted if eyewitness accounts of the cannonball could be found.
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