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have my dad's old police service revolver, a .38 S&W Special CTG with serial number of C4191XX.
Its a Model 10 .38 revolver with "thin" barrel, number is C8579XX.

Regarding the last 2 posts, the M10 and pre-M10 "C"-series serial numbers run from 1948 to 1967, and they're more or less consecutive- the guns were built and shipped mostly in serial number order.

IIRC M11s (.38S&W) and M12s (.38Spl Airweight K frames) were also mixed into this serial number range in random fashion.

For a detailed year-by-year list of M10s and other K frames of this era, go to the following link and scroll down to the bottom:

BTW I own a M10 with serial number of C623xxx - 1963.
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