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Yes People that work at wal-mart are usually idiots and its always difficult to find someone there, but I had several great experiences.
The best one I have ever had is I walked in about two years ago and two where behindd the counter saying wow that's a really good deal so I thought i would see what they where refering to. In the case there was a remington 700 ADL 30-06 discounted to $200. I didn't want it to get away so I pulled out the credit card to pay for it. We went through the paperwork and upon completion of that the manager informed me they could not find the box for it and they had a policy that they could not let the gun leave the store without a box. I was asked to call the next day and hopefully they would find it. The next day I called but they couldn't find the box. I was told to come pick it up and for my trouble they would knock another $30 off the price. I walked out that day with that rfle for 170$ plus tax.
I took it home mounted a 3-9 nikon buckmaster scope on it, adjusted the trigger took it the range and was punching clover leafs at a hundred yds not one group opened up over an inch and the majority stayed in the half inch center to center range. Awesome Rifle.
Then I sold it for $225 to a friend that needed a good Deer rifle....Who's the Idiot now?
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