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Long time no bump

In 2008 it seems to be taking longer. A lot of people are saying there is a huge number of forms for approval in an attempt to beat the new administration to a ban or more difficult process to get approval. McCain has publicly stated that he feels there is no reason for a private citizen to own a machine gun and Obama is pretty clear on his position of private gun ownership. I have 4 NFA approvals in process right now. I also had a subgun form 4 transfer last year. That one took 2 months and 16 days start to finish. My local law enforcement signature took an additional 12 days on top of that.

Currently :
Form 1 Sent 6/22/08
Check cashed 6/26/08
Pending 9/05/08
Approved???not yet

Form 1 sent 7/28/08
Check cashed 7/31/08
Status...not in the system yet

Form 4 being sent tomorrow for 2 suppressors.
I wonder if I will see them before Christmas?
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