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French MAS question

Hey all!
I had a customer bring in a MAS49 that was so thoughfully "Rechambered" by the beavers @ Century in 7.62x51.
Needs it reliable and is sick of it ripping off case heads.
Standard fare for the MAS.
I am going to polish the chamber and replace the extractor plus spring load and dress the end of the firing pin as SOP.
In doing a bit of research it seems that we have an overpressure situation. Century shortened the barrels about 2 inches which throws off the gas system timing.
So I was able to find 2 cures:
1-Splice in about a 1" section of AR gas tube into the existing gas tube to act as a restrictor.
2- Drill and tap the gas block to take a small allen head set screw for an adjustable gas system.

Personally I like option #2. The million dollar question is:
Who here has done this and where exactly do you drill the gas block?
A picture would be worth a thousand words.

Any other ideas?
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