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The United States Bench Rest Association has an official bench rest target that consists of 28 bulls (3 for sighters and 25 for score) that each have a tenth of an inch 10 ring. It is fired at from 50 yards in 20 minutes with a possible score of 250-25X using heavy weight unlimited, medium weight custom, and factory sporter weight .22 rimfire rifles. We have been having local rimfire benchrest matches for almost a year now. My shooting passion is all about rimfire sporters and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the high and low end factory sporters shoot it out.

For what it's worth, here are our results in Sporter Class since we started these matches in 2007:

November 2007

223-2X Danny Creasy, CZ 452 American, Swift 6-18X44, SK Pistol Match
215-4X Barry Holmes, Cooper 57-M, Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14, SK Pistol Match
214-3X Willie Rhodes, CZ 452 American (left hand model), Simmons Master 6-18, Wolf ME
44-0X David Hollimon, Marlin 39A, Bushnell 3.5-10X40, CCI Mini Mag (Equipment Issues)

December 2007

Barry Holmes, 219-1X, Cooper 57M, Leupold VariXIII 4.5-14, SK Pistol Match
Danny Creasy, 216-2X, Anschutz 1710, Weaver V-16, Eley Biathlon EPS
Willie Rhodes, 215-1X, CZ 452 American, Simmons ProHunter 6-18, Wolf ME
David Hollimon, 212-0X, CZ Varmint, Redfield Accu-Trac 6-18, SK Std Plus
David King, 193-0X, CZ 452 Special, Leupold 4X, Winchester Supreme

January 2008

called over weather (I never will hear the end of that one)

February 2008

220-1X Willie Rhodes, CZ 452 American Barska Black Hawk 8-32X42, Wolf ME
218-1X Danny Creasy, Kimber Hunter, BSA Platinum 36X44, SK Std Plus
215-2X Barry Holmes, Cooper 57M, Leupold Vari-X III 4.5X14, SK Pistol Match
189-0X Peary Willard, Savage MKII FV, Barska Varmint 6.5-20, Federal Champion
186-0X David Hollimon, Thompson Center R-55, Simmons 22 Mag 3-9X32, CCI Std Vel

March 2008

219-1X Danny Creasy Kimber Hunter SK Pistol Match
213-1X David King CZ 452 American SK Std Plus
188-1X Tony Gilmore Savage Mk II Classic Aguila Golden Eagle

April 2008

Dwight Pilkilton, 216-0X, Biathlon Basic, Weaver V-16, Wolf MT
Danny Creasy, 214-1X, Remington 541-THB, Swift 6-18X44, Eley Biathlon EPS
Tony Gilmore, 202-1X, Savage Mk II BV, Tasco World Class Target 6-25X44, Fed Gold Metal
Willie Rhodes, 201-1X, CZ 452 American, Barska 8-32X42, Wolf Match Extra
David King, 200-1X, CZ 452 Lux, Nikko Stirling Nighteater 4-10X40, Wolf MT
Peary Willard, 199-1X, Savage Mk II heavy barrel accu-trigger, Barska Varmint 6.5-20, Fed Champion SV
Richard Strickland, 196-2X, Biathlon Basic, Swift 6-24X50, Aguila

May 2008

229-1X Tim Blacklidge CZ 452 Varmint BSA 6-24 Lapua
225-2X Danny Creasy Kimber Hunter BSA 36X44 Fiocchi 340 Biathlon
213-1X Tony Gilmore Savage Mk II Tasco Federal Gold Metal
213-1X Willie Rhodes CZ 452 American Barska 8-36X42 SK Std Plus
210-2X Paul Enlow Biathlon Basic Swift 6-24X50 Aguila Std Velocity
209-0X Barry Holmes Browning A-Bolt Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14 SK Pistol Match
209-0X Dwight Pilkilton Biathlon Basic Weaver V-16 Wolf MT
202-1X Richard Strickland Biathlon Basic Swift 6-24X50 Aguila Std Plus
200-2X Charlie Seigfried Mauser Leupold Lapua
194-0X Jon Stratton Remington Model 5 Nikon fixed 4X40 Remington Sub Sonic
174-1X David King CZ 452 Special Nikon Monarch 3-9 SK Std Plus
174-0X Peary Willard Kimber 82 Leupold Federal Champion Standard

June 2008

220-3X, Tim Blacklidge, CZ American, Weaver V-16, Lapua Midas L
219-3X, Danny Creasy, Anschutz 1710, Weaver V-16, Lapua Master M
214-0X, Willie Rhodes, CZ American, BSA 3-9, SK Match
210-0X, Bart Harkins, CZ American, Leupold VX II 6-18X40, ammo ?
209-1X, Charles Seifreid, CZ American, Pine Ridge 6-18X40, Lapua M
203-1X, Tony Gilmore, Savage MK II BV, Tasco World Class 6-24X44, Federal Gold Metal
202-0X, Peary Willard, Savage Mk II FV, Barska 6.5-20, Federal Champion Target
198-2X, David King, CZ 452 American, Nikko Sterling 4-10, SK Std Plus
197-1X, Dwight Rickard, Anschutz 1416 HB, Leupold 6.5-20, Eley EPS Black Box
191-0X, David Hollimon, CZ 452 American, Simmons 22 Mag, Wolf ME
188-0X, James Kimbrough, Savage Mk II, Tasco World Class, ammo ?
180-0X, Jack Belew, Savage Mk II, Tasco 40X, Eley Club
178-0X, Barry Holmes, Cooper 57M, Leupold Vari X III 4.5-14, SK Std Plus
177-1X, Anedra Gilmore, Savage Mk II, Tasco World Class 6-24X44, Federal Gold Metal
157-0X, Reece Stewart, Ruger 77/22, Aguila Match Black Box
118-0X, Gene Nobinger, Marlin 39, Simmons 3-9, Remington Yellow Jacket

July 2008

229 – 0X – Tony Gilmore – Savage MKII BV – Tasco World Class - Eley Match
228 – 1X – Willie Rhodes – CZ 452 American – BSA – SK Match
227 – 1X – Anedra Gilmore – Savage MKII – Tasco World Class - Eley Match
224 – 2X – David King – CZ 452 Ultra Lux – Tasco – SK Std.
223 – 3X – Richard Strickland - CZ 452 Varmint – Tasco – Eley Club
221 – 0X – Dwight Rickard – Anshutz 416D HB – Leupold – Wolf ME
207 – 1X – Peary Willard – Savage MKII FV – Barska – Aguila SE std.
197 – 3X – Ricky King – CZ 452 – Center Point – CCI Blazer
194 – 3X - Tim Blacklidge – CZ 452 American – Weaver – Lapua M
144 – 0X – Gene Nobinger - Marlin 39 – Simmons – Fed. Auto Match

August 2008

231-1X, Tony Gilmore, Savage Mk II, Tasco 6-24, Eley EPS
224-1X, Danny Creasy, Kimber Hunter, Weaver T-36, SK Subsonic
219-0X, Tim Blacklidge, CZ American, Weaver 6.5-20, SK Pistol Match
215-2X, Barry Holmes, Cooper 57M, Weaver V-16, Lapua Master M
214-1X, Bart Harkins, CZ American, Leupold 6-18X40, SK Match
212-0X, David King, Weatherby Mk XXII (Anschutz), Nikko Sterling, SK Std Plus
207-2X, Peary Willard, Savage MK II, Barska 6.5-20X50, Aguila SE Std Velocity
206-3X, Randy King, Savage Mk II, Tasco 24, Wolf MT
197-1X, Willie Rhodes, CZ American, BSA, SK Match
195-0X, David Hollimon, CZ 452 American, Bushnell 4.5-10, Win T-22
191-2X, Ricky King, CZ Ultra Lux, Center Point 4-16, CCI Blazer
163-0X, Gene Nobinger, Marlin 39-A, 9-32, CCI Std Vel
162-1X, James Kimbrough, Mossberg 802, Simmons 3-12X50, Remington Thunderbolt

Please note that the two different Marlin 39 rifles finished dead last three times in Sporter Class. They never even broke 200. I had written "equipment issues" by the 39 in the first match. But, the shooter later stated that he simply could not get his Marlin grouping tight enough to zero on the evil little green bulls. That is why he later ordered a TC R-55 and after that a 452 American. His high score was a 212 in the second match with a borrowed CZ 452 Varmint. Evidently he knows how to shoot.

I own a Marlin 39A and it is one of my favorite rifles but the ultimate test for the raw accuracy of a .22 rimfire is the USBR target and held to that standard, the 39A pales in comparison to the CZ 452 (which I own five of).

Yall be safe and have fun shooting.

Danny Creasy

PS: You are more than welcome to come shoot with us on third Saturday mornings in Sheffield, Alabama. Pics:

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