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CCW & Liability Insurance: Update

I posted about liability insurance and SD; My State Farm agent's office had said liability fro homeowners covered SD actions with or without use of legal handguns - and this is an update on that:

I spoke to my agent today and he confirmed what the office personnel had said. To my question on the exclusion most insurance has for "intentional acts", he said in SD the intentional act would be whatever you were doing that day, taking a walk e.g., not killing anybody. That wasn't the intention. I also mentioned that SD law often defines a legal SD act as having the intention of stopping a lethal attack, the damage to the BG a result, not the purpose. Perhaps that explains why insurance companies might have to cover you. Don't know for sure - but historically some of had problems with this. All I know is but this is what my own agent told me and hope the company would follow through in any such situation, God forbid. (I live in NY by the way, perhaps we have a law regarding this?)

This coverage is for LEGAL SD acts - and for civil, not criminal, costs.

I also took out an umbrella policy for my homeowner and car by the way. I recommend this - SD or no - for anyone. It was inexpensive ($156/yr for 2 million liability - would have been $104 for one million) and you get a lot more protection.

Anyway, FYI

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