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Redtail, I recognize those benches you are asking about... they sell them as "reloading benches" in the Midway catalog. Funny thing; they are identical to the bench I bought at Sears (must be made by the same factory, yes, in China) ... I believe the cost for the bench and the little hutch / pegboard part was cheaper than what Midway was selling their version for. The only difference is that the Craftsman bench comes with Craftsman stickers and is painted black instead of red. It's a good bench, I've got a Hornady LnL AP bolted down on one end and a Hornady LnL Classic bolted down on the other end. I can't tell from this photo, but I can also report that the craftsman version of this bench setup comes with a 2 tube flourescent light fixture in the top of the "hutch."
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