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It's humorous that those arguing so vociferously for the closing are the same individuals who argued so vociferously while it was open. The hypocrisy is precious.
Oddly Enough, I have noticed the same thing...
But even more puzzling to me is this....

But you can't deny that that area was routinely used for cop-hating and anti-government conspiracies on a daily basis, mainly by the same small group of posters.

And this...

The right wing and sometimes quite radical slant of the political discussions in L&P pretty much prevented that. It is hard for newbies to find this forum non-threatening when thay are slapped in the face with a ton of "Obama eats babies" or "liberals hate America" threads every time they hit the new posts button

And this Gem...

anti-government, anti-police venom was spewing

Just a thought here, but, if that is the way some feel about posts in L&P then why on earth would YOU even READ those threads, much less POST in them?

If something is so strongly repugnant, why would you not just skip reading L&P rather than torture your sensibilities, or waste your time posting there?

Why would you want to deny the ability to have a L&P forum to those of us who wish it, and can stay within the rules? Is it impossible for you just to NOT read what you don't like? or at least don't flame just because your view happens to be different than someone elses.

The idea that politics and the discussion of politics can be held to some sort of civil tone is frankly wrong

OK, let's try this, and I'll type slowly and use the smallest words possible so that no one gets lost, if you don't like what is on a particular thread, don't read it.
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