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Mike Irwin
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"Emotional control can also mean you get mad as hell and NOT react with anything more than verbiage."

And, it can also mean that you get mad as hell and fly into a violent rage that ends in injury or death to another party.

Once again, we can't take the chance now, can we?

"Tell me, and be truthful, how many times has someone cut you off in traffic? You slam on your brakes and yell into the windshield, "You stupid jerk!" Does that mean you're gonna get your gun and shoot them?"

Odd that you should mention that.

Last year in metro DC (I think it was last year) we had an incident where one car cut another one off and the driver of the second car fired shots at the first. Turns out the driver of the second car was considered to be very aggressive and rather unstable by his coworkers, and no one was really surprised by the incident.

So, once again, we can't really take that chance, can we?

No, I don't think we can. It's for the children, don't you know.
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