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Mike Irwin
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"That's non sequitor. It doesn't follow."


So, you're saying that a person who can't control his emotions in an on-line discussion board is a perfect candidate to own a gun because he has such wonderful control... over his emotions.

That's a logical disconnect of the worst proportions.

No, the BIG quantum leap is assuming that having an on-line discussion means that participants will immediately break down into screaming morons.

That's what the original poster was claiming. Try reading it again:

"The idea that people can respectively disagree with each other is asking more than any human being is capable of."

Obviously he meant respectfully. But if humans can't be trusted to master the most basic intra-human interactions without going over the edge (in the manner that caused many of the threads in L&P to be closed), how can we expect them to master the far complex concepts that go into owning a firearm -- personal responsibility, accountability, safety, trust...

I think the answer is clear -- you can't.
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