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"The idea that people can respectively disagree with each other is asking more than any human being is capable of."

So, you're also saying...

The idea that people can act responsibly and own guns is asing more than any human being is capable of.
That's non sequitor. It doesn't follow.

For me, it's a BIG, repeat BIG quantum leap from telling someone he's a bozo (either online or FTF) and pulling my gun on him.

When I was in high school, we all carried pocket knives. Anything with a 3" or less blade was legal. We played "mumbledy-peg" and "stretch", and cleaned our nails with them. As high schoolers are prone to do when the hormones are flowing, some of us got in fights. None of us even REMOTELY thought of using a knife. Using a knife was for cowards. We never made the jump from "games" to "cutting".

I've carried for quite a while. For the first time, about 5 years. This time, since April. As angry as I've gotten at some people during those times, I never even THOUGHT of the weapon on my belt.

My gun is not for settling arguments. This isn't the old west in Dodge City. It's for saving my life.
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