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Why do gun boards need a political section? I have it on good authority that there are tons of right wing political blogs on the net you can visit...and lets face it, that is what this political section had become.

There are tons of left wing blogs too so everyone should be able to find someone to argue with or agree with if they want to do so.

The purpose of this board was to promote responsible gun ownership and to paint a positive picture of the gun owning community. The right wing and sometimes quite radical slant of the political discussions in L&P pretty much prevented that. It is hard for newbies to find this forum non-threatening when thay are slapped in the face with a ton of "Obama eats babies" or "liberals hate America" threads every time they hit the new posts button. Especially if their political standpoint is anywhere left of Carl Rove or Rush. I have personally had several friends decline to become active on the board after lurking for awhile.

It has been nice to come to the board and hit the new posts button and be flooded with information, anecdotes, and discussions about firearms, shooting, and tactics for a change instead of suffering hits to your personal beliefs.
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