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I saw the announcement that declared the L+P closed and went through the follow-up thread (it got closed down) which led me to a search where I found this one still open.
As several other newcomers here have said before me, I was drawn to this forum partly by L+P and the fact that the mods seem a bit more lenient than at THR, my next choice forum, and I don't believe closing it is a good choice for TFL as a whole.
(Reading the closed threads is a priority to me.)

Already mentioned by others is the possible need for more mods. This, along with enforcing existing rules banning violators temporarily or permanently sounds very reasonable to me.
But what I got really enthusiastic about was Jimpeels suggestion of changing the colour of your name in the box on the left from the present blue to, say bright red for those who are in trouble and then clearly indicating them as "banned", when they are banned. This would be a very clear, tangible step and could be extended to include threads which are in danger of being closed as well.
I suppose people will argue that this would be a beacon for trolls who would congregate at these threads like flies, but that's precisely the point. It would (I assume) be very easy to run searches on members who contribute to such threads and subsequently ban them as necessary.
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