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Good 'smith in the DFW area?

Hi All,

I recently purchased a 1911 that I'd like to have spruced up a bit. I'd like a different trigger installed, and then the pull smoothed and lightened. I'd like to get this done locally if possible. I figure these are really, really standard things to have done to a 1911, and the 1911 itself is a platform that pretty much all gunsmiths should be familiar with, but I'd still like to take the gun to someone who I can get a reference on. Especially a reference for this type of work. I am looking for a gunsmith more on the north Dallas side, so Richardson, Plano, Allen, Lewisville, Carrollton, etc. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Also, any idea what I'd need to pay for this work? I have some idea about the price of parts (a la Brownell's) but no idea about the price of the work itself.

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