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First off - I'm obviously new to these forums, and my first impression is - GREAT JOB!!!

On topic - I am in the Montana Air Guard with a RED HORSE unit. I am also the lead Sergeant in charge for our combat defense team. We've discussed the idea of lasers over and over again, and I think it's up to the person and situation. Mounted lasers can be of great help. Regardless of how well you train, trying to put your sights on center of mass, in the middle of the night, 20 seconds after you are awoken by a burglar, and with a frightened wife/child/lover/whatever screaming in your ear can be a challenge. Having a properly "sighted in" laser can be a great aid.

On the other hand, I feel a better aide would be a nice tactical flashlight. There are a myraid of models out on the market, and you also gain the disorienting effect it has on the target (especially the strobe models).

My advice is always use what works for YOU. Some people in my defense squad will only feel comfortable if their M4 Rifle is outfitted with every accessory available. Others like their rifles "bone-stock".

My bottom line opinion is that lasers work well for what they are intended for, but are not for all applications or people. Use whatever you need to use to gain any advantage possible when faced with a "shoot-or-die" situation.
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