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Political arguments often deteriorate into personal mud-slinging. In the past, in real life, people have been beaten or killed for voting a certain way. Most people feel very strongly about who will govern them and what laws they might make. Discussions about Palin's new "action figure" or Obama's heritage are not appropriate. Their views on guns ARE.

But...don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

L&P contained many interesting and informative threads dealing with our rights and laws concerning firearms. These subjects need a place to be heard and discussed. Perhaps a replacement thread could be "GUN LAW", and concern only that subject.

Frankly, seems to me the closing of the forum was the final act of the Moderators in admitting they'd let it get out of hand and couldn't control it any more. They couldn't do their job, so they eliminated the problem.

Y'all gave in...and the whole Forum population lost.
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