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NO dog is naturally mean or prone to attack. The ones who do that are trained to or allowed to. It doesn't have to be a large dog to "mess you up quick". I've seen terrible injuries from something as small as a wiener dog.
Untrue. And, since you cant verbally "quiz" a rapidly approaching dog as to it's intentions, the benefit of the doubt does not apply to certain dogs.

Much as I love dogs, that simply isn't true.
Proven to be fact that some breeds are especially "less inhibited":

(An excerpt from the referenced study):
Pit bulls seem to differ behaviorally from other dogs in having far less inhibition about attacking people who are larger than they are. They are also notorious for attacking seemingly without warning, a tendency exacerbated by the custom of docking pit bulls' tails so that warning signals are not easily recognized. Thus the adult victim of a pit bull attack may have had little or no opportunity to read the warning signals that would avert an attack from any other dog.
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