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I think laser sights have their novelty appeal, but I have some issues with

1) POI and laser dot can be off by as much as 3" at 25 yards.

2) Lasers need batteries.

3) Lasers will not help with proper trigger pull. So, essentially it only helps
people who don't need help.

Are laser sights just gimmicks or do they have a purpose in self defense
1: you sight them in like any other sights
2: yeap but so do pace makers, only with laser batteries, if they go you have your iron sights so they are worse off. Batterys on CT lasers are suppose to last 2 years. I shouldnt take 2 years to get on target. They are cheap, if thats a concern, change them every six monts.
3; lasers are no differant then any other sights, you still have to use your marksmanship fundamentals. Regardless of what sight or sight picture you have you can screw it up with poor trigger control.

They are not a gimmick, they work in low light situtions where you cant see your sights. Example, late at night, you're in bed, its never totally dark so you can see shadows. You cant see your sights, but you can see the red dot on the shawdow walking through your house. yeah you need to know if that shadow is friend or foe, but you need to do that with iron sights also. Also if you are old like me, you dont have to hunt up your glasses to see the front sight.

Just because you have a laser dosnt mean you have to use it. I do 99% of my practice with my 642 using the iron sights. Which by the way also helps with using the laser.

You need to stick with marksmanship fundamentals with or with out a laser, excepting getting on the front sight.

Best thing I can recommend is you got to the range with someone who has one and try it. You'd be supprise.

Lasers sure as hell arnt gimmicks.
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