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First of all, thanks to everyone for thier replies. I am glad to take advice and hear other people's personal experiences. Secondly, I'm half tempted to say "don't blame the Glock, it functioned flawlessly yet again"...but I won't, because I didn't start this thread to get into the Glock vs ____ thing. Bottom line is, I pulled the trigger = my fault. I've been going over the incident in my head all day, and I know what I did wrong. I'm never going to make those mistakes again. What I've been thinking about is why it happened. I've slipped into some bad habbits that until the other day seemed harmless. I believe that the "negligent" in ND refers to the shooter's (my) mindset. I had become negligent or lazy in my handling of firearms I am very firmiliar with, and that is how a series of mistakes led to an accident. I've done my pennance (thanks, Fr. BillCA ), and I'm tempted to repeat such a drill at least once a week, to keep from becoming negligent again. Thanks again to everybody,

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